Dear Edgemont,

We can’t wait to get to know each other. We’ve been working really hard and fine tuning our menu. There will be deliciousness for everyone.

Meet your friends here after work, take advantage of happy hour, have a cocktail and a snack, maybe stay for dinner. Grab a pizza for the babysitter. Wake up with an espresso and brunch. Come straight from practice or off the mountain. Come for date night.

So much more than just the best pizza in Vancouver. Come say hello.


James, Josh, Nick and the team


we’re hiring

We believe that the greatest factor in the success of a business is the quality of its people. Across our family of business, we work hard to attract, hire, and train extraordinary staff that is notable for it’s friendliness, intelligence, work ethic, passion, empathy, and self-awareness. And with our wide range of individual businesses, we are looking for people with a variety of skill sets and experience.

Please forward all resumes to: